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wholesale Hog Casing
Grade AA, A, AB, B, BC
Caliber 16/18mm to 26/28mm
Specification 2/16/90, 3/14/90,7/10/90 etc., special specification are customized
Feature White color, without veins, no holes, strong texture, HACCP & FDA certificate
Package Salted casing, tubed casing, pipe casing, overlap tube casing are workable.

Storage and preservation of sausage clothes are extremely important. Saline sausage clothes should be stored at temperatures of 0-10 ~C. Dry sausage clothes are mainly to prevent moth, mildew and deterioration. Therefore, they must be stored in dry, ventilated and rodent-free warehouses. Storage temperature is below 25 ~60% of relative humidity is appropriate.
There are many factors affecting the quality of sausage, such as natural environment, feeding management, feed, climate, processing technology, pickling methods, preservation and transportation, which have a great impact on the quality of sausage. The quality of sausage can be distinguished by its color, odor, pulling force, thickness and whether there is trachoma.
Welcome new and old customers to contact us, our company will serve you wholeheartedly. wholesale Hog Casing

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