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buy 3D Digital Dental
The 3d printer introduction:
MoonRay D: Dental 3D Printer
Streamline Your Work Process, Efficient and Affordable.Maximize MoonRay D's potential by printing multiple models at once.
The equipment feature:
MoonRay D: Dental 3D Printer
A Fully Integrated Digital Dentistry Experience
Efficient Workflow: RayWare Dental, Easy To Use Options
Custom-built UV Projector: 405nm, Blue-violet Light Engine
Custom-Formulated and Certified: Biocompatible Resin, For Surgical Guides and Dentures
Advance Your Dental Practice
High-Resolution, Fast, and Accurate Dental Models
High Resolution Parts
Z Resolution: 20 Microns Minimum Layer Thickness
XY Resolution: 75 Microns Minimum Feature Size
Fast Prints
Consistent Print Speed: Up to 10x Faster When Compared to Laser SLA
Accurate Prints
Uniform Output: More than 99% Accuracy on the Build Platform
Maximize Production
Cost Savings: Up to 50% Per Dental Model
Streamline Your Work Process
Efficient and Affordable
MoonRay D's fast DLP technology, generous build envelope, and affordable materials. Maximize MoonRay D's potential by printing multiple models at 3D Digital Dental

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