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Have fun with FFXIV Gil
I strongly recommend diving into final fantasy 14, buy FFXIV Gil and have a funny life.
I started playing games when I released beta and a realm reborn in 2013. I don't know if I should be glad or sorry. I'm not reinventing eorza, but from the sound I hear, not only is red sun of dalamud getting more and more weird and creepy in the dark, but also the strange voice of hadelyn is playing softly in the background. Curious and curious players want to know what this means?
This means saying goodbye to the game that almost destroys the rebirth of square Enix and eorza, and it can be said that it will become the largest MMO on earth, competing very closely with World of Warcraft. The debate is still going on, it's the biggest debate at the moment, but it depends on subscribers, active players and other factors, but it's a completely different issue.
Naoki Yoshida is in charge of the entertainment. The game he created and transformed is version 2.0, "the realm of rebirth", an MMO game with beautiful appearance, beautiful design and strong playability. Even the stories introduced six years ago are still great and have a good plot. Boss, dungeons, handicrafts, PVP collection, huge open world area (although now small compared to the updated content) and everything else you want from MMO Of course, you will also have your own private pet, Chocobo, when you reach a certain level.
Every final fantasy fan needs to have their own personal Chocobo.
Some older content is now out of date, so many open world areas may be a bit bleak and baronial compared to the past, but in any MMO setting, this is always the case with older content. But please don't let it disappoint you. This does not slow your game down waiting for players or content. If you're happy to be a nomad or interact with friends or other players, there's a lot to keep you busy in this game.
The production and collection systems are enough to keep you busy in only these two areas. Your first dungeon, sastasha, will be available at level 15, which will be your introduction to the Dungeon System of Final Fantasy 14. I don't want to sit down and count the total number of dungeons in the game, but there are many... Many, many.
In the realm of rebirth, there are also some of the most iconic and classic primitive battles (some of which did have a more intense comeback in the later content of limit and barbarism).
If you want to learn through some earlier content and reach level 50, that's where 3.0 started and the expansion of the hears ward. If you choose your own course and only power balance the course, you can do this in a few days, but why do you do it! The game is enough to keep you busy for a long time. I always suggest that people take some time to enjoy the game, because it has not appeared for a long time.
3.0 is the release of heaven guard, a new level of the game. Then, you'll have 4.0, stormwood, and the current 5.0 shadowbringers, which are currently playing when I write this answer.
I'm not focused on the whole three, four and 5.0, we need to be here all day, players need to pass this is a rebirth realm. Once you've completed all of the previous extensions, you can have content that lasts for many years, depending of course on the speed of your game.
Considering the amazing content released by square Enix in 2013 and the realm reborn, what kind of content will they produce by the end of 2019
Beautiful content is!!
Since the redesign, MMO has spanned many years and its content is better than ever before. Every dungeon looks beautiful, and every dungeon and boss are different. There is still a lot of work to do in the craft / party course. You have high palaces of death and paradise, which can be upgraded quickly, Hildebrand mission, career mission, challenge log, sightseeing log, wonderful trial books, and Ultimate content!!
At present, the hardest two battles!
I think it's great that square Enix vowed that they would never bother or simplify the content as they would with a savage content. It's just a natural progression, but it shows respect for the players who spend their time doing these really tough battles!
Barbaric content is still there, and there's been a lot of recent influx of... Want a better phrase World of Warcraft refugees FFXIV . This is not the case of World of Warcraft! Finally fantasy 14 is getting better and better!
This is true in all aspects of how Final Fantasy grew and why at least they should be tried for free. You can take classes at any level you like, up to level 35, which I believe can be used all over the world.

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