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Blast Chiller suppliers
If you are in search for the best devices that can instantly lower the temperatures of foodstuff, whether new or pre-cooked, the best commercial blast chiller freezers are the keys. One of the best things about a blast chiller is that this can maintain the peculiarity of foods during storage. Speed is another important factor and you need to keep this in mind when you are planning to pay for premium quality blast chiller for sale. Speed helps in determining dish quality and helps in controlling the bacteria.
Model: GC-BC5 (Standard Version)
Voltage: 220V
Power: 870W
Current: 4.5A
Trays: 5
Pans: 5 X GN1/1 Or 5 X 40*60 Bakery Trays
Refrigerant: R404a
Cool Type: Ventilated
Size: 790*728*888 MM
Packing Size: 870*805*950 MM
Net Weight: 93 KG
Gross Weight: 118 KG
Capacity: Chilling capacity in 90 minutes for 18 kg food;
Freezing capacity in 240 minutes for 12 kg food.
Cycle: Chilling cycle for core temperature from +90 to +3 Celsius;
Freezing cycle for core temperature from +90 to -18 Celsius.
Reasons to Use Commercial Blast Chiller Freezers
There are many good reasons to invest in blast chiller freezers and use these appliances at home. These might include but not limited to the following:
• Faster Refrigeration Speed
With the temperature of +30˚C up to -30˚C by 30 minutes time, the products you store in the blast freezer can be freeze within about 30 minutes. With easier refrigeration speed, the possibility of having bacteria cannot easily happen.
• Environmentally –Friendly
Another good reason to buy and use blast chiller freezers is that these appliances are environment-friendly. Blast chiller freezers are not only about the efficiency and effectiveness but also environmentally friendly features.
• Durability
Whether for family use or commercial use, the best brand of blast chiller will serve its purpose. With so many brands of commercial blast chiller for sale, it's somewhat challenging and confusing to choose the best one. But with proper research, you will certainly end up with the right choice.
With all the good reasons and benefits, you will surely be convinced to invest in these appliances. To experience the utmost benefits, choose the Grandchill's blast freezer brand. This brand is durable and packed with great features that ensure guaranteed performance and functionality.Blast Chiller suppliers

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