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East African locusts cause crisis in some African countries
Parts of Africa are currently facing the worst locust swarms in more than a generation, with swarms the size of cities sweeping across countries including Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. The largest swarm recorded so far has been 37 miles long and 25 miles wide.
Earlier this week, the United Nations issued a statement saying it is the most severe infestation Kenya has seen in 70 years.
Desert locusts are one of the oldest and most destructive pests on the planet, traveling up to 93 miles and eating the equivalent of their own weight in fresh food every day.
These insects can form incredibly dense swarms, each containing between 40 to 80 million individual locusts per square kilometer, or 0.4 square miles. A 40 million insect swarm can consume the same amount as 35,000 people, consuming almost all the green vegetation they pass.
"Being at the center of the locust swarms is like watching a gang of bad people slashing your crops and any vegetation. Swarms of locust decimate every green vegetation, including crops and trees," Omude Emoru, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator with the International Rescue Committee, told Newsweek. "This leaves smallholder agricultural farmers and livestock keepers devastated."
Experts predict the swarms will get worse in upcoming months and could reach sizes 400 times as large as they are right now. They are also anticipating severe food shortages and dramatic impacts related to food security, with new generations of swarms set to coincide with planting season in March and the harvesting season in summer.
[Image: 20200217141803100.jpg]

The Metarhizium Anisopliae is a natural entomogenous fungi main be used as bio pesticide for control pest ,Special for Termites,root grubs,beetles,weevils,ticks, caterpillars,locust.

The spores of the fungi will come into the insect body ,when the fungi contact with cuticle of the target pest  and growth/replicate massively, the fungi will absorb the nutrient from insect body ,broken the insect organ, produce harmful ingredient to killed pest.


1.The Product is a natural ,bio microbial product, which could effective killed target pest, no harmful human ,livestock or other beneficial insect,also no pollution for organic fruit ,vegetable.

2.The pest  will not develop insecticide resistance for bio pesticide.

3.The product could effective and quickly control or killed pest in short time .Normally ,48-76 hours will have good result for control pest .


1 billion CUF per g


1.Please out of reach of the children.

2.Please apply the pest in dark or cloudy day ,avoid sunlight, spary again after heavy rain .


10/20/50/100/1000g per bag

The shelf time : Three Years in cool conditions

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